Written by Jam Chiu on Monday, May 30, 2011

Aloha world ! Its been like half a year since i've ever blogged. This blog seems super duper dead and i apologize for that. But well, its not like this blog have tons of readers ! Haha :)

So, curious what i've been up to ? Well well, i've just started my college not too long ago in INTI College Subang branch. Peeps, feel free to meet me up if you study nearby there :D

So far college have been great for me. Get along well with my classmates. Doesn't have anyone specifically irritating or annoying hahahaha :P Went out with them today and too bad i have to leave half way to meet up with my other friend. When i'm out of sight, it seems that had planned something that i am really really looking forward for. HAHA!! Stay tuned at my blog if you want to know more :P

Not to forget, most of my gang in college love K-Pop! Whoahh!!! That's a yay for me since you know, am lovin' K-Pop like mad.

Other than that, since the times i've been MIA not. I've created a Twitter account. Do follow me up kay anyone ? :DD click jamjien

Hope i can update frequently on my baby in the future as it really helps me to have more idea in writing ....... essay ? or.....story ? or.......assignment ?


Assignment is killing me like....crazy !!! The first week of college i've already been given one Individual Assignment and one Group Assignment. Crazy not !!! Feel damn stress by those
bithcy assignment. Though i've not started any :P

Till here, more to come alright. Stay tuned ! :D

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