I'm 19

Written by Jam Chiu on Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hey people ! It's me again ! Back after 2 months of not blogging. Well, its very obvious on what this post is gonna talked about. YES !!! MA 19th birthday !! I just officially turned 19th 5 days ago. Yeah the last year being teen but well gonna enjoy it before i turn 20 next year :(

This year's celebration? It was YUMMYSOME!!!!! I totaled a 4 times celebration for this year's birthday. First was on National's Day which is the 31st August 2012.

Credits: Yong Tin

It was actually a surprise for me from the people ! :) Then we head to Sunway Giza for drinking session. A session that i wouldn't want to remember for the rest of my life. I was super drunk that night. 

Second one was not really a celebration but an awesome dinner with the Leaw's family. No photo was taken that day :( Only food LOL. The dinner took place the day after that drunk night, i had a little indigestion due to the over excessive of alcohol that night before. However, i still ate a lot !

Seafood at the Coconut Flower Restaurant in Klang
Credits: Sook Yan

Third celebration was with my family, a must celebration for me every year. Just like any other family birthday celebration. My family and I and other relatives gather together to have some nice pricey dinner. It actually took my dad for over RM 1k for that dinner. Had my dinner in a restaurant in IOI Mall

My Family and I

Birthday cake by brother from Lavender

The fourth celebration is done by my college bunch of bitches on my exact birthday which is 3rd September !. Some of them also attended during 31st August. I'm really really thankful for them taking out so many time to celebrate with me despite it being Monday and we have college to attend both that day and the day after. 
They give my a surprise on my car :'D

After that, they brought me to Pavilion to have a walk and went to Rendezvous Steak House in Kuala Lumpur to have 
                                                      Cheese Chicken Chop & Top Gun

Last but not least, things wouldn't turned out so awesome without you guys <3 19th="19th" for="for" making="making" memorable="memorable" much="much" my="my" so="so" thank="thank" you="you">

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Written by Jam Chiu on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wow, i couldn't believe i actually took time off my assignment to do this post. No idea why there's a strong urge pushing me to actually have some 'sentimental' essay tonight or early in the morning of 12:35 a.m

Today is 4/7/2012

If you've been catching up with my blog (which is incredibly impossible as i never update for friggin long), you would notice there's been a whole long one year i've never posted anything at all. This blog who really USED to be my dailyreminder had actually dead? Not yet i guessed.

June 30 2011 onwards, i would say it had became a huge turning point for me whether its in the aspect of mentality, attitude, appearance or personality. The changes is so strong that i myself eventually felt it. It has both good and bad in those changes and i really do try to change the bad ones. But trust me, it is at utmost difficult to change yourself ESPECIALLY when you forced yourself to. I would say nature really take its course.

Having none of a single clue on how i used to be a very happy-go-lucky, positive and determined person that have actually changed to being a kinda emotional and take things seriously person. Besides, i tends to adapt a bad temper.

I experienced more than just being a regular college students in that July 1st all the way to i would say now. A college student for me is just being happy, enjoying with bunch of mates and sometimes scratching your head for assignments. However, things actually turns into kind of a lesson to me. I THINK.

Those who knows me, i actually YEAH having conflict with people. Argue-ing all the way through the year. I would say it sucks to me and to everyone around me for baring us. I've been too childish and see things in a critical way in the past. I really wanted to apologize sincerely to anyone that i had behave like that to. REALLY REALLY sincerely. I wouldn't say i've completely gotten away from that 'seeing things critically' problem. But i hope at least that improvement was there.

Besides that, i cherished everyone around me that supports me all the way through. Giving me advise even though several times of those advises are made. Still, the advises never stops. I'm truthfully glad for this.Well, i know saying doesn't proved anything but it is true that i feel everything that's given to me.

As times goes by, i tends to see things in a more neutral way now. However, i would say i kind of hated that 'neutral' thing going in me. I hope to have the old Jam, which is ultra cheerful and active. But i wouldn't hate for being who am i now. I knew that there are people who love and support me.

Throwing all these happening incidents aside, i don't know why the thing that bothers me the most is future. I don't know but, feelings are really important for me. I would hate to experience redeveloping feelings. I wish that all the feelings i have now will continue on. I know its hard, but i do pray for it.

Ending this post, i have actually more express but i just can't seemed to type out anything.

Its July again without noticing, 5 more months to another year. In an blink of eyes.

If i have a wish. I would want time to pass slower. Perhaps?

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人約離婚後; Love Is The Only Answer

Written by Jam Chiu on Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alright peeps, i'm here today to promote something. teeheee

As usual, everyone who knows me knew that i'm a FOREVER fan of Charmaine Sheh. I've been a fan of her ever since 6 years old. Its 12 years already! Hehe.

Everyone too, knows Charmaine Sheh does a lot of drama but handful of movies and even though she did 6 movies previously, but only 2 were released in cinema which is the Lady Iron Chef (美女食神) which she is the female lead and it got kinda bad review and the second one is 72 Tenants Of Prosperity (72家租客) where she's one of the many guest star and only appeared for like 5 minutes ?

Now, the 7th one !!!! Love Is The Only Answer (人約離婚後) will too, be release on 28th July this year in Hong Kong, but not Malaysia !!! Why la?!!! Look at the trailer first

OMG?! Nose bleeding ? Yes that's the reason why it will not be release in Malaysia cause of its 18 above sexual contents. Honestly, it's kinda hard for me to accept the fact Charmaine will film those steamy scenes ! Maybe because tv series will definitely not have those scenes.

The thing i'm glad is that Charmaine is the main character !! Wohooo !!! This is like her first main character in a movie in 4 years !! The previous one being Lady Iron Chef in 2007. The movie also stars Him Law and Alex Fong. Two actors that is famous for their looks. Even though i felt weird because Alex Fong and Him Law are younger than Charmaine 5 and 9 years respectively. But i think Charmaine pulled that off really well because she still looks very young.

Alright, hope that they release the DVD here soon or maybe i can download it ? Hehehe.

Do remember not to miss this amazing movie !

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Nerd Day :)

Written by Jam Chiu on Tuesday, June 28, 2011

credits to Yong Tin

Greetings !!! HAHAHAHAH! Shock right ? Used to see me in a smart image ? :p Nahh kidding ! First of all ! Thousand apologize for the readers that awaits this Nerd Day post long long time ago. if any

The reason why i blogged this freakin' post after nearly 1 month is because
1. Lazy. teehee
2. Assignment !

YES !! Assignment is seriously killing m
e like shiat !!!! I barely went home straight to rest after i finished college. Every freakin' day i either stayed back or get my ass to friend's house to do the assignment. Really damn frustating ! Even my classmate who often says i don't have dark circles already said my face look very tired and chan!!

Alright back to topic ! So on that certain date (forgot). We DMC (actually not whole) had came up with this Nerd Day ! Like i said before, we did dress like nerds to college. I'm actually the ONLY ONE that went all the way on that day, alongside Pei Yie hahah! Others just look NORMAL i think. Grrrrr. I actually wore every accessories i bought, the suspender, bowtie and spectacle ! but once i got down from my house. Pei Yie and Zhao Tong who fetch me daily laugh like shit already !! Because i actually wore everything while they just set themselve half half first and change it at college.

Alright, reach college ! My all others friends just look DANG NORMAL !! Not even nerd at all !! Prior to this, i decided to reduce my nerdiness. So i took off my bowtie and suspender. But still, some said i'm the nerdiest !! AHHH FML !!! Of course, we've became the centre of attraction, everyone look at us when they passed by, yes! EVERYONE!!! One moment i really felt like quitting. But slowly, we actually start to enjoyed it and even went to Sunway Pyramid to shopping. Freakin' funny. As usual, everyone PEEK at us non stop.

Alright, while you guys non-stop wondering how we look like. Here you go.

The best one :D

Peace :)

Love this :)

Siasmese Nerd Twins

There are too many pictures, so i only took those i take picture in large amount.

Side note, though i've not blogged for a long time, but i do check on Blogger Celebrities' blog, i realise famous bloggers love to put pictures of them, some even is cam-whoring ! Should i do that to make my blog famous also ? Hahaha but of course, they have
INTERESTING things to blog about. Btw, readers click on thr Nuffnang Advertistment ! It will help me to earn money. I think laaa Hahahaaa.

Ciaoo :)

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Written by Jam Chiu on Monday, May 30, 2011

Aloha world ! Its been like half a year since i've ever blogged. This blog seems super duper dead and i apologize for that. But well, its not like this blog have tons of readers ! Haha :)

So, curious what i've been up to ? Well well, i've just started my college not too long ago in INTI College Subang branch. Peeps, feel free to meet me up if you study nearby there :D

So far college have been great for me. Get along well with my classmates. Doesn't have anyone specifically irritating or annoying hahahaha :P Went out with them today and too bad i have to leave half way to meet up with my other friend. When i'm out of sight, it seems that had planned something that i am really really looking forward for. HAHA!! Stay tuned at my blog if you want to know more :P

Not to forget, most of my gang in college love K-Pop! Whoahh!!! That's a yay for me since you know, am lovin' K-Pop like mad.

Other than that, since the times i've been MIA not. I've created a Twitter account. Do follow me up kay anyone ? :DD click jamjien

Hope i can update frequently on my baby in the future as it really helps me to have more idea in writing ....... essay ? or.....story ? or.......assignment ?


Assignment is killing me like....crazy !!! The first week of college i've already been given one Individual Assignment and one Group Assignment. Crazy not !!! Feel damn stress by those
bithcy assignment. Though i've not started any :P

Till here, more to come alright. Stay tuned ! :D

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SPM Ending : The End Of 10 Years School Life.

Written by Jam Chiu on Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey, after sometime, i'm back again! Well, i left my last paper to go which is the Economic subject. Its so fast! Without realizing, its almost the end of SPM. I remember i keep complain about how SPM just started and it takes forever to end that damn examination and its almost over now.

Well, the end of SPM marks the end of my 10 years schooling life. The life that will never reverse nor i can ever go back forever. Honestly, i do feel sad about that since i've been schooling for the past 10 years( Standard 1 - Form 5). I can never sit in the class, gossip and chit chat with a bunch anymore. Well, i definitely can meet my friends. But not all my classmates for sure. Every meetings have to be planned, unlike school that is a MUST that makes us meet everyday.

For the past 10 years. I've experienced various of stuff in school. To be honest, i've started cheating for exam actually when i was Standard 1 already! Haha. And the sad thing is, i was caught! Primary school was fun as i was fairly young, doesn't have any problem to be think of. Just enjoy every moment that i have. Friends come and go in primary because we were young, we doesn't really understand what FRIENDSHIP meant to us and how friends can influence our life. Standard 6 is actually the time where i learn to cherish my friends. I remembered i cry like mad on the last day of school. Till now, i still says that Standard 6 was one of the best time in my school life. I miss everyone. How's everyone is doing now?

There comes secondary. Through the 5 years. I would say each form is great! I go to school with excitement, thinking what to gossip with my friends everyday haha! This is the stage where i learn alot alot of things. Those over 18 things especially haha! Don't think i'm that innocent, i actually know alot of it :p

This is the time where friends became a very important aspect of my life. I had half of my each day spent with them. I laugh and cry with them. I shared my happiness, my problems and my secrets with them. I learned that besides family, friends are equally important as they hugely draw out our life, either happy or sad, they paint our life. I remembered i cried of loneliness when i was alone at home as my parents rarely can be seen at home. Especially Sunday. I was mostly lonely on Sunday. But with friends, i would't feel that. I love you my friends.

At secondary, friends do not come and go anymore. They mantained. Because we already know what FRIENDSHIPS meant for us. We're not anymore the naive young kid we used to be. We're teenagers, soon and finally we're adults. We're 18 !

I know coming out from the 'school cage' will be definitely different from school. We don't wear uniforms, go to school as fixed and sit in the classroom anymore. We have to make our choice, our pathway and decide how our life should be paint. We don't have teachers and school to decide for us anymore. Most importantly, the choice you made is the best for you and never regret it.

I can already see myself with my bag walking around the college. Meeting new people, new faces, new personalities and alot more. I wish to be a TV Host someday. It may be hard, but i will try my best to achieve it. Other than that, i wish to be an event planner. Other than that, i already have time for my hobbies since things like tuitions will never exist anymore.

Things would not go as you wish for all the time. This is the real life or the life after school. We just have to face it bravely.

Lastly, i thanked every person that ever existed in my school life. Bad or good, both do taught me alot. Baddies taught me to be tough and never believe in people easily while goodies taught me to love and appreciate the people around me. Thank you all the teachers, either i hate you or i love you. Sorry lah if i offend ALOT of you. Hahaha

Friends. The joy and happiness that you guys gave me is too much. I have to say. I enjoyed my life! Hope that our friendship can last forever. We're friends forever. The love you all gave me. I appreciate to the max. We will never say goodbye.

Goodbye school. Goodbye Saujana. Goodbye 1 Usaha, 2 Usaha, 3 Setia, 4 Science Social 1 and 5 Jati. Everything happens in school definitely deserve to be remember.

Here i come! The college life!

This title of the song clearly represents my feeling towards everyone.


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Written by Jam Chiu on Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its totally random. I really really think i should blog more often to improve my brain twisting skill haha. I mean, blogging can really make me have idea quickly during essays.

What i'm up to? Well. SPM of course and tuition classes too. Oh ya, swimming too has become a regular routine for me. Atleast once or twice a week. Healthy isn't it? haha

OH YA!!! I too had changed my lausy G900 Sony Ericson phone to a X6 Nokia. I'm really satisfy with this phone. Loving IT :D

Well. End here first LOL!!

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