Nerd Day :)

Written by Jam Chiu on Tuesday, June 28, 2011

credits to Yong Tin

Greetings !!! HAHAHAHAH! Shock right ? Used to see me in a smart image ? :p Nahh kidding ! First of all ! Thousand apologize for the readers that awaits this Nerd Day post long long time ago. if any

The reason why i blogged this freakin' post after nearly 1 month is because
1. Lazy. teehee
2. Assignment !

YES !! Assignment is seriously killing m
e like shiat !!!! I barely went home straight to rest after i finished college. Every freakin' day i either stayed back or get my ass to friend's house to do the assignment. Really damn frustating ! Even my classmate who often says i don't have dark circles already said my face look very tired and chan!!

Alright back to topic ! So on that certain date (forgot). We DMC (actually not whole) had came up with this Nerd Day ! Like i said before, we did dress like nerds to college. I'm actually the ONLY ONE that went all the way on that day, alongside Pei Yie hahah! Others just look NORMAL i think. Grrrrr. I actually wore every accessories i bought, the suspender, bowtie and spectacle ! but once i got down from my house. Pei Yie and Zhao Tong who fetch me daily laugh like shit already !! Because i actually wore everything while they just set themselve half half first and change it at college.

Alright, reach college ! My all others friends just look DANG NORMAL !! Not even nerd at all !! Prior to this, i decided to reduce my nerdiness. So i took off my bowtie and suspender. But still, some said i'm the nerdiest !! AHHH FML !!! Of course, we've became the centre of attraction, everyone look at us when they passed by, yes! EVERYONE!!! One moment i really felt like quitting. But slowly, we actually start to enjoyed it and even went to Sunway Pyramid to shopping. Freakin' funny. As usual, everyone PEEK at us non stop.

Alright, while you guys non-stop wondering how we look like. Here you go.

The best one :D

Peace :)

Love this :)

Siasmese Nerd Twins

There are too many pictures, so i only took those i take picture in large amount.

Side note, though i've not blogged for a long time, but i do check on Blogger Celebrities' blog, i realise famous bloggers love to put pictures of them, some even is cam-whoring ! Should i do that to make my blog famous also ? Hahaha but of course, they have
INTERESTING things to blog about. Btw, readers click on thr Nuffnang Advertistment ! It will help me to earn money. I think laaa Hahahaaa.

Ciaoo :)

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