I'm 19

Written by Jam Chiu on Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hey people ! It's me again ! Back after 2 months of not blogging. Well, its very obvious on what this post is gonna talked about. YES !!! MA 19th birthday !! I just officially turned 19th 5 days ago. Yeah the last year being teen but well gonna enjoy it before i turn 20 next year :(

This year's celebration? It was YUMMYSOME!!!!! I totaled a 4 times celebration for this year's birthday. First was on National's Day which is the 31st August 2012.

Credits: Yong Tin

It was actually a surprise for me from the people ! :) Then we head to Sunway Giza for drinking session. A session that i wouldn't want to remember for the rest of my life. I was super drunk that night. 

Second one was not really a celebration but an awesome dinner with the Leaw's family. No photo was taken that day :( Only food LOL. The dinner took place the day after that drunk night, i had a little indigestion due to the over excessive of alcohol that night before. However, i still ate a lot !

Seafood at the Coconut Flower Restaurant in Klang
Credits: Sook Yan

Third celebration was with my family, a must celebration for me every year. Just like any other family birthday celebration. My family and I and other relatives gather together to have some nice pricey dinner. It actually took my dad for over RM 1k for that dinner. Had my dinner in a restaurant in IOI Mall

My Family and I

Birthday cake by brother from Lavender

The fourth celebration is done by my college bunch of bitches on my exact birthday which is 3rd September !. Some of them also attended during 31st August. I'm really really thankful for them taking out so many time to celebrate with me despite it being Monday and we have college to attend both that day and the day after. 
They give my a surprise on my car :'D

After that, they brought me to Pavilion to have a walk and went to Rendezvous Steak House in Kuala Lumpur to have 
                                                      Cheese Chicken Chop & Top Gun

Last but not least, things wouldn't turned out so awesome without you guys <3 19th="19th" for="for" making="making" memorable="memorable" much="much" my="my" so="so" thank="thank" you="you">

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